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Is there a dress code at Disneyland Paris?

Proper dress is required at all times, and top and bottom garments, as well as footwear, are to be worn.

We also reserve the right, at our own discretion and at any given time, to refuse a visitor the right to wear any type of costume, makeup or tattoo, especially if it is likely to offend, shock or scare children and a family-orientated public, that Euro Disney Associés S.C.A. would consider as inappropriate or if it would impede the operation while posing as or portraying any character in costume. The same rule applies for accessories considered to breach security or be a danger in our attractions (capes, sticks, etc.).

For safety reasons, the only visitors authorized to wear a mask or clothing completely covering their face are those doing so for medical reasons.

The non-respect of this dressing code may deny access to the Parks.

Special Events may have specific guidelines that can be find on our material printed for these events.

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