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What are Animal Care Centre general conditions?


Specific measures due to the fight against the spread of SARS-COV2

As of July 21, 2021, all adults aged 18 and over must present a health pass along with proof of identity in order to access Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Parks

The health pass is also required (accompanied by proof of identity) from August 1, 2021 to access the areas, restaurants, bars and shops of the Disney Village and Disneyland Paris Hotels.

According to information published by the government, the "health pass" consists of the presentation, digital or paper, of one of the following three pieces of evidence:
  • > Complete vaccination, either:
    • 7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    • 4 weeks after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson from Janssen);
    • 7 days after the injection for vaccines for people who have had a history of Covid (1 single injection)
  • > OR a negative RT-PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours;
    > OR, for people who have had Covid-19: the positive result of an RT-PCR or antigen test certifying that the person has contracted Covid-19, and that a period of more than 11 days and less than 6 months has passed since obtaining the result of this test (considered a certificate of reinstatement)
As these rules are subject to change, please consult the official French government website for any updates before your visit:

In addition, in accordance with French legislation and the recommendations of the health authorities, compliance with the rules of physical distancing and the wearing of General Public protection mask of category 1 (90% filtration) or the protective mask for medical use remain. compulsory for adults and children aged 6 and above on the entire Euro Disney Associés SAS property, with the exception of the outdoor spaces of the Disney Village and around the Lake. For this purpose, the wearing of a simple shawl or scarf wrapped around the face is not authorized. In case of refusal by the guest, Euro Disney Associés S.A.S. reserves the right to forbid you access to our property (Parks, Hotels and Disney Village, Golf).

1. Animals accepted:

1.1 The Animal Care Center is reserved for cats and dogs of visitors to Disneyland® Paris, with the exception of attack dogs (Category 1) and guard and defense dogs (Category 2) as defined under Article L211-12 of the French Rural Code.

These animals are accommodated during their owners’ visit to Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park, Disney Village® and the Disney® Hotels), subject to availability.

1.2 The Animal Care Center only accepts animals identified by a tattoo or an electronic ID system, for which all vaccinations prescribed by law and current regulations are up to date, and can be verified as such.

The animal will only be accepted upon presentation of its pet passport, vaccination card or certificate of vaccinations.

1.3 The Animal Care Center reserves the right to refuse access to animals visibly suffering from a potentially contagious disease or showing abnormally aggressive behaviour.

2. Nature of the service:

2.1 The Animal Care Center service is limited to the provision of one cage and a supply of water. The Animal Care Center can also distribute or supply food, in accordance with the instructions given by the owner of the animal when it is registered.

2.2 A registration form will be filled in by the animal’s owner, which should include any relevant information for the Animal Care Center staff.

A copy of this form will be given to the owner, who should present it when collecting their animal.

2.3 For the care of any animal a daily flat fee is due, which varies according to length of stay, payable:
- by credit card on registration of animal at the Animal Care Center,
- in cash at Guest Storage or the ticket booths at the entrance to the Parks. The payment receipt must be presented when collecting the animal.

2.4 If an animal requires urgent care, the Animal Care Center will notify its owner. If the owner is not available, the Animal Care Center is authorised to appoint a veterinary surgeon and charge the costs to the owner, even if there is no prior written agreement.

  3. Obligations of the animal’s owner:

3.1 Walking:

It is the owner’s responsibility to walk their animal during their stay at Disneyland Paris, as Animal Care Center staff are not authorised to walk them.

For safety reasons, animals must be kept on a lead everywhere on the Disneyland Paris site, with the exception of the cage and walking area located within the Animal Care Center.

Owners are reminded that their animals must not be allowed to defecate in the grassy areas of Guest Parking, except for in the designated walking area.

3.2 Access to the cage area:

Only one person at a time may access the cages.

Owners are forbidden from feeding or petting any other animal staying at the Animal Care Center.

3.3 Duration of stay:

Owners must respect Animal Care Center opening hours.

They agree to collect their animal after their visit to Disneyland Paris.

Any animal not collected within twenty-four hours following the end of the visit indicated on the registration form will be considered as voluntarily abandoned and turned over to the relevant authorities.

Please note, under Article 521-1 of the French Penal Code, the abandonment of a domestic, tamed, or captive animal, is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a 30,000 euro fine.

4. Responsibilities:

4.1 Under Article 1385 of the French Civil Code, this service does not imply any transfer of custody, the owner retaining full power of control, management and use of the animal and remaining solely responsible for any damage caused by it, including material and other damages caused to the Animal Care Center or its agents, to other users of the Animal Care Center, to animals staying there and to third parties.

4.2 The company EURO DISNEY ASSOCIÉS S.A.S. and its insurers are expressly released from any liability for diseases contracted or damages suffered or incurred by an animal during its stay in the Animal Care Center, and for any damage caused by the animals staying there.

5. Applicable law:

French law applies exclusively to all agreements subject to these regulations and to any dispute arising from an animal’s stay at the Animal Care Center.

For further information, please ask a member of the Guest Parking team directly.

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